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A doula offers comfort, validation, information and advocacy for childbearing women.

Every birthing mom deserves a doula. The problem is ... there are not enough doulas to go around. We can fix this!

There are plenty of good and kind women who would love to serve as doulas for their friends and family, or perhaps for their entire community. Some might even pursue this work as a lifetime career. But they understand that this is not a role one can just step into. A doula must be prepared, informed and properly trained to do this work.

Unfortunately, formal doula education is quite expensive, very time-consuming, and often only available at a distance. Doula education sometimes feels like an endless maze of rules and requirements and fees. In reality, most aspiring doulas, enrolled in mainstream doula training, will quit before they're done.

PRACTICAL DOULA TRAINING solves the problem. How?

It's practical:

⦁ Cost is $350 for full training and certification. No yearly fees to maintain certification. No ongoing dues. No mandatory CEU's.

⦁ Training consists of one intensive 16-hour seminar, presented over the course of one weekend. Lunch is provided both days.

⦁ The instructor customizes the lessons to suit the specific community in which the training takes place. She addresses each participant's questions directly and personally. This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all class. PRACTICAL DOULA TRAINING is not offered online. It is a face to face interaction, focused on the unique abilities and needs of the individual group.

⦁ Participants are not required to purchase any specific text books, but may choose their own materials, use their local library, and read relevant literature on their own time.

⦁ PRACTICAL DOULA TRAINING is available nationwide, providing trainings around the country. Watch this site for announcements of an upcoming training in your area. Or ...

⦁ If you and a few of your friends would like to attend a PRACTICAL DOULA TRAINING in your own hometown, reach out to us. Even if you only know a few interested people, the instructor can assist in gathering enough folks to make it work.

⦁ You don't need a PhD to become a doula. It's not necessary for doula training to be lengthy or expensive or complicated. A doula just needs a basic understanding of the process of labor, the principles of effective communication, and the birth customs of her community. Certification will be helpful. The bulk of a doula's work involves simple acts of kindness and love.

⦁ Certification is granted upon successful completion of PRACTICAL DOULA TRAINING.